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Intro + Collection

"Bonjour", Hello everyone!

I know pokemon collectors since a year, but only joined recently. So, I thought is it good to introduce myself.
My name is Lauriane, I live in France near Cannes (if somebody has heard about the "NRJ music awards" or the "Film Festival"), I'm 18 years old and I am a member of a french pokemon forum named "ShinysHunters".
So you can understand that, I loooove shiny pokemons ! :D

My collection isn't big because it's difficult to find good pokemon merchs in France.
I'm currently collecting :

- Cranidos, Rampardos
- Aerodactyl (but I haven't any merch of him XD)
- Monozu, Jiheddo and Sazandora

And finaly a bit of Totodile, Croconaw, Feraligatr or Mismagius

My plushies

All pokemon promotional games figures

Sinnoh Legendaries


MC figures

Bottle caps figures

Some others figures

Customs Keychains (made by myself)

Something New ?!

Thanks to glacidea for the Shiny Suicune card ♥

TGC (yeah french cards XD)
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